Leather Zipper Long Wallet (Laser Ready Files)

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Have access to a laser cutter and want to make your own acrylic template or cut this design directly out of leather? This product is an instant digital download of our "laser ready" version of the Leather Zipper Long Wallet. You will receive a .zip file download containing 4 different file types (.ai, .pdf, .svg, .eps). Feel free to modify the designs as you see fit!

Please make sure to consult the documentation for your laser cutting software with regards to which files types it supports and how to import to 100% scale. I made these files as bare bones as possible for universal compatibility but issues may still arise.

This laser ready template set INCLUDES stitching holes


  • Document color model is set to RGB
  • All cut lines (stroke) are set to .75pt width
  • Stroke is set to RGB Red (interior) and RGB Blue (exterior)
  • If there are text engravings they are "outlined" and set in RGB Black.

This wallet template set lets you create a traditional long wallet with zippered section. The right side features 4 card slots and a long section that easily holds unfolded cash, notes, receipts or a checkbook. The left hand side features a 6" zippered section to secure coins with another long section underneath for added storage.

Note: To create this wallet with the zippered section you are required to have a 6" zipper. There are many places that sell finished zippers where you can purchase one to fit. Dont have a zipper? You can build this wallet without the zipper section! Just repeat the card slots from the right side of the wallet on the left. 

Pieces Included:

  • Outside Shell
  • Zipper Pouch - You have 2 options for your zipper pouch. The "curved edge" zipper pouch which is used in the photos or a "straight edge" pouch. This template piece folds in half to create the "floating" zippered pocket. This template piece has 6 holes to mark for alignment on the long panel.
  • Long Panel - The long panel is designed to be the base for both sides of the long wallet. It contains 6 holes to mark for alignment with the zipper pocket. It has has a long cut to mark alignment of the card t-slot insert.
  • Card T-Slot Panel
  • Bottom Card Slot Panel

Dimensions: 8.175" wide x 8" tall (open) / 4" wide x 8" tall (closed)

Note: This product is NOT made to be printed out on a standard piece of paper. There are PDF printer friendly versions available!

Template Usage

Templates allow you to have a consistent, professional look to all of your work. Use your end product as practice, a gift for friends and family, or even to sell under your own brand!

Need help putting this wallet together? Check out the build along video tutorial below!

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