Custom Templates

Custom Leathercraft Acrylic Templates

Need custom acrylic templates for your designs? We got you covered. Our acrylic templates are precise, durable, and will pay for themselves in saved time and materials during production. Check out the information below on our process, requirements, and some sample pricing. We are not a "full service" laser cutting shop so leather templates are our only focus! If you have any questions not addressed here please contact us directly.


Custom Template Requirements

The quickest way to get a quote is by sending your completed vector templates to us in .ai or .pdf format. Don't have digital versions of your templates? Not to worry! We can often work directly from photos or drawings of your current templates with corresponding measurements. However if your templates are extremely detailed and intricate we may require them to be digitized first to speed up the process. Below is an example:

Drawing for Custom Acrylic Leather Templates


Our Process 

When you are ready to get a quote for your custom templates please e-mail us ( directly with what you need. Please include the source file, PDF, or photo/rendering with measurements of the pieces so we can calculate the quote. If the quote is agreed on we will send you an invoice via our web shop. Custom templates are cut 2 days a week (usually Tuesday and Friday) so after payment is processed your order will fall on the next cut day. The majority of template orders will ship out that same day with tracking # via USPS.



We use high quality cast acrylic (1/8" thickness) for all of our templates. Check out our in-house acrylic templates to see examples of our work. 

The maximum template size is 25" x 14.75". 


Template Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple but we do need to process your file before a final quote is given. The base cost for all orders is $19.75 which covers file prep, labor, and standard shipping *. Material cost is added in depending on the size and number of templates in your order. Below is a example of pricing using a common template order. You can get a ball park estimate for the pricing on your own order.

* Standard shipping is USPS First Class Mail to a U.S. address. International orders will require some additional shipping fees. Oversized templates may also require some adjustments in shipping fees.


Makesupply custom acrylic leather template pricing 


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