Leather Mid-Wallet Acrylic Template Set

$ 58.00

The Mid-wallet or often called the "Japanese Style" Mid-wallet is a true beast of thread and leather. If you have had your fill of making minimalist wallets for the time being give this project a try for a nice change of pace. This Mid-wallet features 2 large floating panels and 1 gigantic cash storage area. The right floating panel contains 3 front facing card slots and a hidden pocket behind for more storage. The left side features a 5" long zipper section. It also comes with a nice collar detail that stitches to the outside of your wallet.

Note: If you will be doing the zipper portion you will need a 5" zipper. If you dont have a zipper and still want to do this project you can mirror the right side panel and do all card slots.

Dimensions (closed): 4" wide x 6" tall

Template Usage

Templates allow you to have a consistent, professional look to all of your work. Use your end product as practice, a gift for friends and family, or even to sell under your own brand!

Need step by step instructions on how to build your Mid-Wallet? Check out this video below:

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