Front Pocket Card Wallet Acrylic Template Set

$ 40.00

An easy to make front pocket wallet design featuring 4 areas to store cards and cash. On the left side there is a standard card slot with thumbslot access on top of a larger panel for longer term storage. On the right side, a sloping divider slot on top of another larger panel. You can also make it as 2 sides with the same design (card slot or dividers). This template also comes with stitching holes cut out if you choose to use them. They are compatible with any 5mm spaced chisels.

The acrylic template set comes with (1) main body panel, (1) side panel that is used for both sides, (1) long divider, (1) top card slot.

Template Usage

Templates allow you to have a consistent, professional look to all of your work. Use your end product as practice, a gift for friends and family, or even to sell under your own brand!

You do not need to purchase the template to view and follow along the build process in the video. I also did a write up on the Makesupply website to accompany the template and video. The write up includes:

- Links to all the tools I used in the video
- Suggestions for leather types and sizes to use in your project

You can view that information here:

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