Veg Tan Respecter Keychain (Natural)

$ 15.00

Prior to the early 20th century vegetable tanned leather was the norm. Now, only around 10% of the worlds leather production is vegetable tanned. Vegetable-tanned leather is leather tanned using tannins from plant matter (tree bark, chestnuts, etc) and is the oldest known method dating back as long as humans have been wearing skins. 

This keychain is precision cut and stamped out of pure, untreated grade A natural vegetable tanned leather. This pale natural leather color will slowly evolve and patina into a rich caramel brown through exposure to the environment and your handling. It comes with a high quality split ring that makes it easy to connect your keys and accessories.

Keychain size (leather only): 3.5" x 1.75"

Keychain size (including rings): 4.5" x 1.75"

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