Simple Zipper Pouch Digital PDF Template (8.5 x 11)

$ 4.99

Note: This template requires a 4" zipper to complete the process. Here is a link to the store we recommend to purchase zipper for this project. You can also size your own zippers to fit this design.

This product is a digital PDF template set for the Simple Zipper Pouch pictured in the photos above. Please note there is no physical wallet included in this listing.

This template set allows you to make a basic zipper pouch with optional over-sized stash slot on one (or both!) sides. Great option for a first zipper project!

This zipper pouch template set includes marked stitching holes that can be marked through the template directly on the leather surface. This is a great option if you dont have a stitching wheel, diamond chisel, or pricking iron. Just mark the holes and you can punch through with your awl. Holes are spaced approximately 4mm from center to center.

This template set includes:

  • One main body panel
  • One stash slot that can be added or omitted on your pouch

This listing is for the letter size 8.5 x 11 print out on your home printer. There is also a listing for an A4 size version.

Dimensions: 5" wide x 3.125" tall

Template Usage

Templates allow you to have a consistent, professional look to all of your work. Use your end product as practice, a gift for friends and family, or even to sell under your own brand!


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