Leather Edge Burnishing Starter Kit

$ 12.00

The Leather Edge Burnishing Starter Kit has everything you need to get you on your way to beautiful, finished edges. 

This kit comes with the following items:

  • Wooden Edge Slicker - This edge slicker is finished smooth and sized to comfortably fit in your hand. It features 4 burnishing grooves to fit many different edge thicknesses for a wide variety of applications. Tool Length: 6" (152.4mm).
  • 5-Pack of Canvas Burnishing Cloths (11.5 oz) - Heavy duty canvas cloth makes for an excellent edge finishing tool. This high quality heavy cotton canvas is double-filled which creates a smoother texture and more durable cloth than standard canvas. Each cloth is 5" x 4".
  • Leathercraft Wax (1 oz) - To finish and seal your edges each kit contains 1 oz of Leathercraft Wax separated into 2 1/2 oz blocks. Our Leathercraft wax is a signature combination of Beeswax and Candelilla wax.

Note: This kit is intended for use on firm or semi-firm "burnishable" vegetable tanned leathers. Only other required component to burnish is water. The finished edge in the 3rd photo was done using this kit and water only. Kit items can also be combined with burnishing compounds such as gum tragacanth or saddle soap.

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