Imperial Leather Cream (4 oz.)

$ 12.99

Keeping your leather goods well conditioned and protected from the elements is vital to the products longevity. Our signature Imperial Leather Cream serves both purposes and can be used on all firm leathers (no suede!). 

Our Imperial Leather Cream is a semi-firm cream made from all natural ingredients. No solvents, heavy waxes, or petroleum by-products. The lightweight, completely odorless formula spreads on your items easily and won't clog pores which is imperative to keeping leather healthy.

Works well on boots, wallets, bags, belts and everything in between. Use it as an initial protective coat on a brand new item or to revitalize old ones. 

In addition to the tin of cream you will receive a fresh 12" x 12" microfiber cloth to use in applying your cream. This high quality cloth will help evenly spread the cream without scratching or damaging the leather. Microfiber cloths are 100% washable and ready for repeated use.

Each tin comes with one cloth. For example: 3 tins comes with 3 separate cloths.


Check out our video instructions for applying the Imperial Leather Cream!

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