Acadia Leather Peruvian Mahagony York (3.5oz) - Leather Panel

$ 11.00

Brand/Tannery: Acadia Leather - Peruvian Mahagony York

Weight: 3.5oz. - Approx 1.4mm

Size: 12" x 12" (304.8mm x 304.8mm)

Tannage: Chrome Tanned

Best Uses: Wallets, card holders, notebook cases.

Leather project panels from Acadia Leather now available! These 12" x 12" leather panels are great for practicing, doing small projects, or just testing out a new leather before committing to a full size order. 

Peruvian Mahagony York semi-shiny pull-up leather with exceptional clean grain surface.  Expect a firm temper overall that is very smooth to the touch. This is a great budget option for getting started on your next project!

Note: There may be small grain inconsistencies in your panel which were acquired during the life of the animal or processing. However, there will be no deep scratches, gouges, holes, or cracks in your panel.

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