Leathercraft Wax Blocks (3-Pack) - Custom Blended

$ 14.25

Wax is important tool on any Leatherworker's workbench. Finishing and sealing edges, waxing thread, protecting the tips of awls. The list goes on.

Spending long nights in what I like to call the "leathercraft apothecary", we developed an updated standard for Leather wax. Our signature Leathercraft Wax combines three high quality all natural ingredients.


Beeswax -- A long time staple in leather waxes, beeswax also plays a prominent role in our Leathercraft Wax. Beeswax is used for its strong waterproofing, lubrication for metal-to-leather interaction, and mold resistance properties.

Candelilla Wax -- Candelilla wax is harvested from a wild growing shrub located in the semi-arid deserts of Mexico. It has many of the same properties as beeswax and excels in a few key areas. Candelilla wax is highly valued for its waterproofing, lubricating "slip", and high gloss finish.

Jojoba Oil -- Playing a minor role in our formula, Jojoba Oil rounds out the triad of quality natural ingredients. The name is a bit of a misnomer since Jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax. Jojoba oil is renowned for its absorption and moisturizing abilities.


Our Leathercraft Wax is always small batch made in the USA. Each batch is slow melted in a traditional double broiler setup. No microwaves in this workshop! Immediately after the wax has reached its liquid state each block is individually hand poured into it's own mold to set. After curing, each block is checked for visual impurities and accurate weight.


If you are accustom you using 100% beeswax in the past you will notice some subtle differences. Due to the addition of Candelilla wax, the finished blocks are a tiny bit firmer and harder wearing. The blocks also have a softer slip as opposed to the "tacky" feel of 100% beeswax. Unwaxed thread will glide over the surface without sticking or taking off small chunks.

When used for edge finishing you should notice a higher gloss than with 100% beeswax. Candelilla wax has a higher melting point than beeswax and responds extremely well to swift burnishing. It will really shine (no pun intended) if you are burnishing with a tabled mounted burnisher or Dremel burnisher.


Each order of Leathercraft Wax is packaged in a hand stamped, bio-degradable bag. This listing is for 3-pack Leathercraft Wax. We also offer a single pack version.

Each wax ranges from 1 to 1.15 ounces.

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