Basic Leather Tote Bag Acrylic Template Set

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Greetings! Please read all of the following information below before ordering this product. If you have any questions at all please contact us.

The Basic Tote Bag acrylic template set is here! The one piece body panel comes in a "flip-able half" that has grid holes marked for aligning straps quickly. Trace one side (except the bottom!), flip the template in place, and trace the other to complete your one piece tote design. This template style allows for more compact storage in your workshop and greatly helps reduce shipping costs.

This Tote Bag Template Set will create a tote bag with the finished dimensions of roughly 21" wide and sits 14" tall. It is a great all around size not too large or too small. The set comes with a 1" wide strap end template with a square end and english point end.

Tote bags are always a great product to add to your shop or to make for family and friends. Use this acrylic template set to radically decrease your construction process and increase your accuracy. Leather is expensive and mistakes on large bag projects are costly!

Included in this template set:

  • Main body panel - This piece will create your tote bag body. Please remember this template will be half of your complete design. You need to flip and align to trace complete the other side. This will be covered thoroughly in the DIY instructions if you need assistance. Tote body panel also comes with strap alignment grid holes to mark through the template. This allows you to place the straps anywhere you want and keep them straight. 
  • Strap end template - You will also receive a strap end template to fashion your tote straps. Holes are cut out of the center for easy rivet alignment. Use rivets, stitching, or both to customize your finished product.


  • International Customers: The Basic Tote product is currently only available to U.S. customers due to shipping logistics. If you are outside of the U.S. and wish to order a tote template set please contact us directly. Due to the large package size we have to look up the exact shipping charges to the destination country.
  • U.S. Customers: Standard shipping rates do not apply to an order with this product in your cart. The updated shipping price will be determined on your proximity to our headquarters (Philadelphia, PA).

    Tote Bag Build Instructions

    Check out the video below for a walk through on how to use this template set. You can also see more information on this project such as : List of inventory used, leather suggestions, and completed project photos by going here:

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